Walt Disney World

Disney-MGM Studios: Mickey Avenue & Animation Courtyard

With its focus on movie magic and animation, Mickey Avenue and the Animation Courtyard are considered by most guests to be the most memorable parts of Disney-MGM Studios. Animation is the theme in the animation courtyard -- reminiscing about animation, remembering animation, and wondering what it would be like if anyone in the United States was still animating anything by hand. And on Mickey Avenue, you can learn about movie making by being driven around on a tram!

The Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour

Your tour begins on a small set where cast members demonstrate how Hollywood filmmakers can cleverly use water to make things look wet. Then it's onto the tram to drive through movie sets, feel the power of an earthquake, watch the Red Sea part, escape from King Kong, and be attacked by Jaws! There's nothing like this anywhere else on the planet!

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

Follow the animated adventures of a rabid Disney fan as he dreams about how much better everything would be if Walt Disney were still around. (This film was recently replaced by a completely computer-animated version with no appreciable increase in its entertainment falue.)

Voyage of The Little Mermaid

Swim along with the Little Mermaid in this combination of film, live-action, and eerie puppetry as she voyages back home from her husband's kingdom after being banished when a DNA tests proves her to be half fish.

Magic of Disney Animation

A sad, sad empty building.

Vault Disney -- Live on Stage!

Davy Crockett! Zorro! Spin and Marty! Swamp Fox! All of your grandparents' favorites are here, ready to share their adventures and ask your kids to sing along with songs they've never heard before!

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