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Disney-MGM Studios: Entrance/Hollywood Boulevard

A recreation of Tinseltown in its heyday, Hollywood Boulevard is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney-MGM Studios. Here, after passing through an entrance commemorating the Olivia Newton John hit movie Xanadu, you will find shops full of bogus memorabilia and overpriced glitz you can't afford -- just like in the real Hollywood!

Throughout the day, cast members wander the streets in character helping to create an authentic Hollywood Boulevard air by handing out fliers, asking for handouts, and offering to tell you all about Scientology. And when you eat in one of the park's many restaurants, remember that each and every waiter, waitress, and busboy is a future actor, screenwriter, or director (but not necessarily in that order).

 The Great Movie Ride

At the end of Hollywood Boulevard is a recreation of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, accurate right down to the pointy roof and handprints of stars nobody remembers. Behind the façade is The Great Movie Ride, an animatronic spectacular in which scenes from all the most popular movies (some of them as recent as the 1980s) are recreated in robotic perfection. Guests have a great time explaining everything to their children or rushing back to their hotel room to ask the Internet Movie Database who the guy was hanging from the lamppost and why all those women were dancing in a circle on a cake.

Trivia: A few years ago, Disney constructed a giant sorcerer's hat on Hollywood Boulevard to block the view of the Chinese Theater so that guests entering the park wouldn't think that they had accidentally wandered into Epcot's China pavilion.

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