Walt Disney World

Disney-MGM Studios: Echo Lake

Peaceful, attractive, and surrounded by exciting attractions, Echo Lake is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney-MGM Studios. Some cast members say that, early in the morning when the fog rolls in across the water, you can sometimes see the head of a mysterious dinosaur-type creature rising above the mist! Eating ice cream!

Trivia: If you yell at the lake, someone may yell back (hence the name).

Sounds Dangerous -- Starring Drew Carey

We didn't go in to see what this was. It sounded dangerous.

Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular

The show has been around since 1981 without a single change in plot or cast, but it's still a classic. Indy is a bit grey these days, but he can still crack a whip with the best of them and avoid that giant rolling boulder four out of seven times! Go get 'em, Indy! Break a hip!

Star Tours

Strap yourself into a rocket ship, hold onto your seat, ignore how much your pilot sounds like Billy Barty, and get set for a thrill-packed, motion-simulated ride through the universe of George Lucas' classic movie, Willow!

Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3D

This is just a regular Muppet movie. The name comes from the fact that, back in the olden days, you had to have three "D" tickets to get in.

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