Walt Disney World

Disney-MGM Studios: Streets of America

A little out of the way but still thrilling to walk down, the Streets of America are considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney-MGM Studios. This is the place to come if you've ever dreamed of slapping a Power Ranger upside the helmet or want to know what the New York skyline would look like if it were really, really thin.

Trivia: It was only after extensive research and travel that Imagineers were able to create an authentic-looking American street.

Honey, I Shrunk the Action Movie Set Adventure

Let your kids run wild in this play area themed like a play area that Dr. Wayne Szalinski (from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) accidentally shrunk. It's completely safe because the ground is padded and the tallest jungle gym is only six inches high!

Lights, Motors, Kids! Stunt Show

I'll bet your little boy or girl would love to drive a speeding car backwards up a jump over an exploding big-rig truck, right? Well, here's their chance! Lights, Motors, Kids! is an extreme, high-speed stunt show featuring custom-made automobiles, incredible pyrotechnics, high falls, and no actor over the age of nine! But don't worry, everything is operated by remote control and the kids wear knee pads and helmets, so the worst that can happen is a little bump, bruise, compression fracture, or second-degree burn.

Trivia: For the purposes of this show, Disney considers anyone over the age of nine to be an adult.

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