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Magic Kingdom: Mickey's Toontown Fair

As the "home away from home" of so many beloved Disney characters, Mickey's Toontown Fair is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of the Magic Kingdom. Mickey's Toontown Fair (formerly Mickey's Birthdayland, Mickey's Starland, Mickey's Birthstarland, and Room for Future Expansion) is a small town in which many classic Disney characters keep their second homes (because toons are just rolling in dough, don't ya know).

This is a great place to bring children who are young enough to want to meet the characters but not old enough to wonder why Mickey and pals are always here when their "real" homes are in Toontown, California.

Mickey's Country House
After walking right in without knocking, guests can wander through Mickey's house, just as if they were barging in uninvited (don't worry -- The Mouse isn't home). Be sure to check out Mickey's horribly messy kitchen, big play room, complete lack of restroom facilities, and back yard full of horribly mutated vegetables.

Minnie's Country House
Minnie's house, much like Mickey's, is immensely susceptible to home invasion. But don't get greedy -- everything that wasn't nailed down has already been stolen.

Donald's Boat
Donald's boat, the Miss Daisy (named for the time Donald almost ran over his girlfriend), is nearly empty and leaks like a sieve. No wonder Donald isn't here.

Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm
Guests over 35 inches tall who are accompanied by a licensed pilot can take a spin in Goofy's Barnstormer -- a rollercoaster themed like a flight school for animals. This is where groundhogs land, piggies bank, monkeys barrel roll, horses stall, swans dive, and (in an incredibly obscure reference) Canadian geese voiced by Rick Moranis "take off."

Judge's Tent
Got a dispute in need of resolution? Come to the Judge's Tent where Judge Mickey presides every day, dispensing wisdom and solving problems of the common guest. His manner is fair and his judgments delightfully toonish, so don't be afraid to speak up.

Tip: For extra fun, have two women both claim that a baby is theirs and see how Mickey solves the problem!

Toontown Hall of Flame
It's Night on Bald Mountain come to life! Enjoy!

Pete's Garage
Because this attraction, for obscure reasons surely rooted in sexism, has separate entrances for boys and girls, we refuse to even investigate what it might be.

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