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Magic Kingdom: Liberty Square

Celebrating those things which make this country great, Liberty Square is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of the Magic Kingdom. Here you will find colonial buildings, tributes to history and government, and spooky ghosts, just like the Founding Fathers had to deal with.

Liberty Square Riverboat
At one time, this full-size recreation of a Mississippi riverboat actually used to go around Liberty Square as its name implies. But after too many near collisions and immense amounts of damage to the roads, it was decided to put the boat in the Rivers of America instead.

The Haunted Mansion
The Liberty Square Haunted Mansion is home to 999 happy historical haunts, from a spookily moaning Eli Whitney to the ever-worried spirit of Paul Revere. Centerpieces of the attraction include a doorless, windowless room in which portraits of famous traitors "have their necks stretched," and a séance led by the inexplicably decapitated Martha Washington.

Hall of Presidents
Ready for the Magic Kingdom's oldest (and, even after all these years, best) animatronic attraction? This is it! Enter the Hall of Presidents where four past Presidents of the United States (Washington, Lincoln, Nixon, and Teddy Roosevelt) host a musical comedy extravaganza staring animatronic copies of every President in the country's history. The show culminates in a rousing singing of "The Executive Office War Chant," which is interrupted when a host of drum-beating Native Americans -- accompanied by their chanting totem poles -- angrily call down a rain storm to cut the proceedings short. It's fun, and educational!

Trivia: The show has not been updated in years, so some of the dialogue and lyrics are a bit dated. For example, "Let's all spend like Republicans spend, cheap, cheap cheap, cheap cheap."

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