Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

August 1950

As the most magical of the parks, the Magic Kingdom is truly the heart of Walt Disney World. It is a unique place, where fantasy, reality, history, fantasy history, nostalgia, whimsy, commerce, and mass-produced entertainment intermingle to create a destination that is in no way, shape, or for even remotely like any other location anywhere else in the globe. For many guests, the Magic Kingdom is the first place they visit upon arriving at Walt Disney World, and although more often than not this is because their taxi driver was lost or didn't understand where they wanted to go, it still remains firmly in memory.

As originally designed, the Magic Kingdom consisted of some 43 separate lands to make full use of the vast property. In addition to the current lands, there were Natureland, Frightland, Intrigueland, Spy Alley, Pulp Novel Plaza, Le Chateau du Piracy, Yesterland, Chemistryopolis, Science Fiction Plaza, Edison Square, Astronomy Vortex, Adultyhood, Mickeytown, Minnietown, Mini-town, Fleet Street, Wall Street, Bourbon Street, Peek-a-boo Street, Tinseltown, Justice Circle, Philosophy Triangle, Tyranny Town, Villainy Villa, Castlevania, The Dream Works, Rock Candy Mountain, Pandaland, Fantasy Island, Literaturetopia, Historyland, Eng-Land, Renaissanceland, Dark Ages Junction, Chivalryville, Caveman Central, and Jurassic Park.

Over the years, many of these lands merged with neighboring lands (sometimes violently, sometimes peacefully) until things pretty much settled with the orderly selection of lands you see today. Some of the old lands, instead of merging, abdicated, becoming entertainment properties outside of the Walt Disney Company. They have all been officially disowned, and we will speak of them no more.

In many ways, the Magic Kingdom (also often referred to as Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Park, or Islands of Adventure by the misinformed, uninitiated, and/or just plain ignorant) is the best known of the Disney World parks. Even people who have never visited know about its fantasy-based rides, gorgeous landscaping, fabulous costumed characters (particularly during the annual "gay days" get-together), famous Matterhorn attraction, secret world-domination research laboratory, army of robots from which U.S. Presidents are chosen, and wide-ranging network of underground tunnels (or "futilidors," so named because of the futility of trying to find your way around in them).

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