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Magic Kingdom: Frontierland

With its focus on what may have been the most romantic period of America's history, Frontierland is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of the Magic Kingdom. This is the only place in the world where you can see a wild-west town that has Detective Tom Sawyer as sheriff, a saloon filled with badly dressed talking bears, and the occasional gun fight between a rabbit and a fox that have apostrophes in their names.

Splash Mountain
Built with hollowed-out logs and recycled animatronics from the defunct Hall of Supreme Court Justices, Splash Mountain is a Magic Kingdom favorite despite its corner-cutting design. Splash Mountain is filled with water (instead of more expensive roller-coaster track) on which guests float through scenes from Song of the South, including Bre'r Rabbit's plunge into the briar patch, Bre'r Bear accidentally hitting Bre'r Fox with a shovel, and protests over the "tar baby" scene.

Trivia: In 1985, Splash Mountain's water was replaced with Coca-Cola to create "the New Splash" as a marketing ploy, but massive consumer repulsion led to a quick reinstatement of H2O.

Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain is a simulation of an earthquake and simultaneous flash flood striking a runaway train filled with tourists in a paleontologically significant section of volcanically active mining property on the edge of a ghost town. The attraction is based almost entirely on actual events that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1971, at which time a certain Disney executive lost his shirt at the craps table and felt like his life had suddenly turned train wreck.

Tom Sawyer Island
This is an enormous play area in which children of all ages can look at trees, look at rocks, and look at wildlife, so long as they don't run, jump, skip, climb on anything, leave the path, or not watch which way they are going without first having their parents sign an extensive waiver.

Country Bear Jamboree
The Country Bears (from the movie of the same name) can be seen here daily, sort of like Elvis, past his heyday, performing in Vegas because he can't pull in the numbers to justify touring.

Trivia: This ursine attraction was moved to the Magic Kingdom from Disneyland because it was thought that the increased humidity might help Big Al's lumbago.

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