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Magic Kingdom: Entrance

The first thing guests see when they arrive, and the last they see when they leave, the entrance is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of the Magic Kingdom. As the landing point for the monorail, ferryboat, hydrofoil, and raft, it's also a key part of the Magic Kingdom experience.

The Magic Kingdom is completely surrounded by water, in part to create a feeling of isolation, and in part to provide a first line of defense against invaders (much to the dismay of those proud warriors at Universal Studios and Cypress Gardens). It is completely impossible to approach the park by land, whether on foot or in a non-amphibious motor vehicle. Guests who want to visit the Magic Kingdom (and many of them do) must arrive via one of the official Disney transportation vehicles detailed below. And it's not only guests who are so entertained. Official park deliveries also must be made through Disney transportation, and let me tell you, there's nothing like seeing a monorail whiz by hauling flatbeds loaded up with UPS and Coca-Cola trucks!

Walt Disney World Monorail
The monorail is one of Walt Disney World's signature modes of transportation. Tracks for fast, sleek, efficient, pedal-powered monorails link the Magic Kingdom with all of the deluxe resorts and major theme parks, the Orlando airport, and the Ticket and Transportation Center, where guests who have received traffic tickets are transported to City Hall for a speedy trial.

Magic Kingdom Fairyboat
The Tinker Bell-themed Magic Kingdom Ferryboat is the transportation method of choice for guests who would like to begin their magical day be being treated as much like cattle as possible. Fairyboats sail to the Magic Kingdom from a variety of docks, but each boat only makes one trip per day. Fortunately, the boats are so large and can be so tightly packed that one trip is generally all that's necessary.

Seven Seas High-Speed Hydrofoil
These marvels of technology use surplus 747 jet engines to cross the lake in as little as 6.5 seconds and drive right out of the water to the Magic Kingdom's entrance gate, assaulting anything within a hundred-yard radius with gale-force winds along the way. An awesome experience, particularly if you happen to be parasailing or waterskiing when one screams by.

Raft to the Magic Kingdom
When crowds are particularly large, rafts from Tom Sawyer Island are pressed into service carrying guests to the Magic Kingdom. Each of these slow-moving crafts carries about two-dozen guests on a leisurely trip across the lake, through the Magic Kingdom's waterborne delivery gates into the Jungle Cruise river, around the hub and into the secret underwater passage beneath Liberty Square onto the Rivers of America, finally coming to rest on Tom Sawyer Island, unless they pass a hydrofoil on the way, in which case those who don't drown are taken to the main gate by Emergency Water Rescue personnel.

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