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Epcot: World Showcase West

World Showcase East is a collection of pavilions representing the culture, cuisine, and shopping of countries in the eastern hemisphere. All of World Showcase's most popular pavilions can be found here.


The central attraction of the Japan pavilion is Miyuki, a sculptor who creates incredible works of art (dragons, Buddhas, life-size samurai) with only taffy and a bamboo knife. She draws enormous crowds several times daily.

The pavilion also has some kind of store and a place to eat (we assume).


Many guests skip the Morocco pavilion, feeling that they already know all there is to know about this African (?) country. This is a mistake, as the pavilions many small shops are a delight of hand-wrought craftworks decorated with intricate patterns that will make you ask, "Don't these people know how to draw anything?"

Be sure to have dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh. Like commercials say, "Come for the belly dancing -- stay for more belly dancing!"


Beneath the Eifel Tower (a copy of which remains in the grand structure's original location), you can partake of French food, French cuisine, and a variety of French comestible fare while enjoying traditional French indifferent hospitality. Guests may also enjoy "The Wonders of France," a celebration of French things presented in half of Circlevision.

International Gateway

If you are visiting Epcot from a country outside the United States, you have to enter through this rear entrance. This is also the tradesman's entrance.

United Kingdom

The only pavilion that makes guests walk on the wrong side of the street, the United Kingdom boasts almost everything that the real United Kingdom has to offer, namely old-looking buildings and tea. Minnie Mouse is honorary Queen of the United Kingdom pavilion, which explains (sort of) why her picture is on the Canada Pavilion's Disney Dollars.

Trivia: For extra fun, find a cast member from Scotland or Ireland and ask them how they like living in England.

World Showplace Events Pavilion

The perfect place to catch a high school band, children's choir, or other group of performers that will work for free.


When you're done buying maple syrup and talking to cast members about ice hockey, be sure to catch a performance of the brief Circlevision film "Oy, Canada!" tracing the incredible history of Canadian Judaism.

Trivia: Although smaller than the actual country, the Canada pavilion has a larger population per square foot than it's namesake, even after the park's closed.

U.S.A. -- The American Adventure (Right)

The American Adventure is divided into two parts, just like the country for which it's named. The right half of this pavilion features a stunning animatronic show in which Christopher Columbus, Ronald Regan, Henry Ford, and other prominent Americans demonstrate what makes this country great. The show ends with a montage of classic military newsreel clips. The American Values Choir performs daily in The American Adventure (Right), singing songs of God, patriotism, military glory, and trickle-down economics. Note that this is the only World Showcase pavilion in which smoking is allowed but insulting the flag isn't.

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