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Because it is a journey around the world that you can make in a single day, World Showcase is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Epcot. Great thought was put into the design of the World Showcase so that it would, in many ways, mirror the planet on which it is based. For example, both World Showcase and planet Earth are both:

  • Round
  • Mostly covered in water
  • Full of people
  • Notable for occasional spectacular displays of fireworks
  • Great places to shop.

World Showcase is divided into two main sections, East and West, each featuring countries from that hemisphere. Each "country" is decorated in the style of its inspiration using materials and plants native to the appropriate country (and sometimes removed from that country under cover of darkness using black skyhook helicopters to avoid embarrassing export restrictions). World Showcase countries are staffed by people who are originally from that country, but who had trouble paying their hotel expenses and are forced to work them off before being allowed to return home.

World Showcase
World Showcase Plaza | World Showcase East | World Showcase West

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