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October 1982

As the most distinctive Disney park in the world, Epcot is truly the heart of Walt Disney World. As originally conceived by Walt Disney himself, EPCOT (for Extremely Popular City of Tourists) was to be a massive city where people could live, work, and play while constantly under the eyes of vacationers from all around the world. Unfortunately, Walt Disney did not live to see his dream come to fruition, although it is assumed that he will at some point be defrosted to continue his work.

When EPCOT Central opened in 1982, it differed from Walt Disney's original vision in three ways: 1) Design, 2) Purpose, and 3) Everything else. Instead of being a city, EPCOT Centaur was a permanent world's fair, much in the same way that the Normandy invasion wasn't. EPCOT Centenial was divided into two sections -- Future World, in which technology was showcased, and World Showcase, in which the world was showcased. Though the park was generally well received by those who didn't violently protest accidentally learning something while enjoying themselves, EPCOT Centrifuge was eventually demolished, to be replaced by the largely similar Epcot '92 in 1994. Epcot '92 was renamed Epcot '94 in 1995, and Epcot '95 in 1996. Management then realized that the paperwork for changing the park's name took too long to process and was causing a certain amount of confusion, so the new park was christened simply Epcot in 1997.

Trivia: EPCOT Centrist's name was not changed to Epcot as an ink-saving proposition, as many people assume. Instead, EPCOT Centipede became simply Epcot when a generation of email-enabled guest began to ask why the park's name was shouting at them.

Future World
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World Showcase
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