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Epcot: Spaceship Earth Plaza

Guests enter Epcot through Spaceship Earth Plaza, which takes its name from the fact that it's a plaza, in much the same way that the Grand Canyon takes its name from the fact that it's a canyon. All of World Showcase's most popular exhibits can be found here.

As they enter, guests pass the Leave a Legacy area, where grand metal sculptures are imprinted with photographs of things that have been lost in the park over the years. More than one guests has returned to Epcot only to find a photograph of his cash-packed wallet adorning one of these structures. Rest assured, anything pictured here has already been sold on eBay and recovered cash has been dutifully dispensed with by a cast member. Thanks for adding to Epcot's legacy!

Spaceship Earth
Sealed within a giant ball to protect it from the elements, Spaceship Earth is an audioanimatronic-filled attraction that traces the history of human communication through the lens of science and technology. Scenes include the Garden of Eden (where a talking snake invents lying), the Tower of Babel (where scientists believe languages split into diverse groups), and a 1950s living room (where a new invention, television, helped families not talk to each other at all).

Trivia: Despite appearances, Spaceship Earth is not really a golf ball at all. Rather, it's a textured ping-pong ball.

Innoventions East & West
Innoventions is a showcase of technology that is now or will one day play a major part in your life. Because the exhibits here are so cutting edge, they are constantly changing -- in fact, due to the rapid pace of technological change, we have seen specific exhibits replaced multiple times during a single day. Great Innoventions exhibits that may or may not still be there when you visit include Opportunity City where kids of all ages can pretend to help Walmart find small towns to overtake, and Rockin' Robots, a demonstration of how great boy-band music can be made without any human intervention whatsoever.

Club Cool
Come on in and get a sample of some of the most popular beverages from around the world. Flavors include Smart Pickle (China), Franz Kafka (Costa Rica), Vitameatavegamin (Japan), and much more! All drinks are free (but antidotes for some of the stronger flavors can cost up to $10).

Trivia: If you're a cute guy and our friend Beverly is there, ask if you can take her home

Future World
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