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Epcot: Future World West

Futureworld West gathers together those pavilions that symbolize nature on land, in the water, and in your head. All of Future World's most popular exhibits can be found here.

The Living Seas with Captain Nemo & Friends
The Living Seas pavilion is constructed around the largest salt-water tank ever constructed -- in fact, it's so large that the entire Magic Kingdom could fit inside (if suitably compressed)! Within the tank are thousands and thousands of fish, from gold fish to guppies to algae-eating catfish, with the occasional great white shark, just to keep the numbers down. While in the Living Seas, be sure to take a ride on a "clam-mobile" through Captain Nemo's undersea realm (utilizing the sound track from the old Magic Kingdom attraction) and visit with Crush, a sea turtle created with computer graphics because it is so much less expensive than feeding a real turtle!

Trivia: Because Crush is such a hit with guests, it is expected that all of the Living Seas' fish will be replaced with computer-animated creatures within the next two years. The pavilion's name will then be changed to The Simulated Seas.

The Land
Want to know about land? In this pavilion you can take a boat ride through areas showcasing all types of land (desert, beach, muddy, volcanic, rocky, etc.), you can ride a simulated hangglider over other types of land (desert, beach, muddy, farming, Disney) on Soarin', or go to the Circle of Life to be lectured by cartoon animals about how to better take care of dirt. Be sure to visit the gift shop and buy a bag of land to take home!

Ever wonder what pyramids would look like if they were made of mirrors and had the tops haphazardly lopped off? Use your imagination! In the Imagination! pavilion guests have no choice but to ride Journey into Imagination with Figment, an audioanimatronic journey through the five senses. See a real purple dragon! Hear people ask to see it again! Touch it's plasticy skin! Smell its fiery breath! Say it stinks, and get a Taste of your own medicine!

Future World
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