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Epcot: Future World East

Futureworld East gathers together those pavilions that symbolize human life and technological accomplishment. All of Future World's most popular exhibits can be found here.

Universe of Energy
Hear Bill Nye lecture condescendingly about energy, watch Jamie Lee Curtis show off her 180+ I.Q. in a game of Jeopardy, and see Ellen DeGeneris eaten by dinosaurs! What could be more fun -- and educational! You might be interested to know that the solar panels atop the Universe of Energy building actually create enough electricity to power all of Epcot's Future World. There's even enough left over that you can purchase cylinders of it (referred to as "batteries" in Epcot's camera shop!

Wonders of Life
A pavilion devoted to details of the human body that are so personal that they're none of your business so, for modesty's sake, the entire area is always closed.

Mission: SPACE
This attraction is quite possibly the most realistic simulation of space travel since the Magic Kingdom's Mission to the Moon attraction. Guests are strapped into what is essentially the same type of industrial-strength centrifuge that is used to turn aluminum ingots into aluminum foil, but with a cool space theme. As the centrifuge spins, it generates up to 13 "gees" of gravity (so named because people often say, "gee, is a gee really one unit of earth gravity?"). The force of gravity continues to increase until guests perform certain tasks at their "work station" (such as pressing a button to "fire retro rockets," pulling a lever to "adjust yaw," or invest in a "Disney Vacation Club property"). Note that this is the only attraction in Epcot that requires riders to both meet a minimum height and bring a note of good health from a competent physician.

Trivia: They say that in space, no one can hear you scream, unless you scream really loud, which is why "SPACE" is in caps.

Test Track
Drive over bumps and around curves, experience extremes of heat and cold, and feel the wind at the unimaginable speed of 65 miles per hour! It's just like driving to Disney World, but you don't actually go anywhere! Test Track is such an accurate simulation of automobile driving that, although it was popular when Epcot opened and "motor cars" were new and fascinating, today it seldom (if ever) has a line of any significance.

Future World
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