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Downtown Disney: West Side


Because of its high level of quality entertainment, the West Side is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Downtown Disney.

AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theater
The only movie theater anywhere dedicated entirely to showing episodes of Kiefer Sutherland's hit TV series 24.

Candy Cauldron
It's a candy store themed to Snow White's evil stepmother. And to make things all the scarier, one item for sale each day is poisonous! (But not enough to kill you, of course -- there are laws, you know.)

Celebrity Ewoks' Studio
Get your picture taken with a Star Wars Ewok dressed like a celebrity! Personally, we like the tiny, fuzzy "Mr. T" best.

Cirque© du Soleil® La Nouba™
Even by Disney standards, this is the most heavily copyrighted and trademarked attraction on the planet. Every note, every motion, every color is protected from duplication by international law, and key documents are available only in French, making them further inaccessible. But if you can get around that, it's a pretty neat show. (Note: the show is not recommended for epileptics, clowaphobes, or people without a lot of extra cash).

Cirque© du Soleil® La Storbia™
There are Cirque du Soleil venues all over the world. Want one in your home town? Here's the place to get it!

When DisneyQuest opened in 1998 it was going to be the first in a series of indoor amusement centers that Disney would be building across the country, and it still is! DisneyQuest -- or DQ, as fans like to call it (much to the annoyance of Dairy Queen fanatics) -- is five floors of mind-numbing, high-tech, interactive, virtual-reality video games. You can electronically create and ride in your own virtual version of the Jungle Cruise, zip through Space Mountain on a rubber raft, or (everyone's personal favorite) set sail on a pirate ship to fire cannonballs in "it's a small world"!

DisneyQuest Virtual Emporium
You can buy DisneyQuest logo hats, shirts, and other items here. They're incredibly inexpensive, but the catch is that they're all virtual and only appear while you're in the store! (There's a habit among local boys of hanging around the Emporium watching for woman who unthinkingly exit the store only wearing a virtual shirt.)

Guitar Galley
Hungry? Don't fret! This guitar-themed eatery is sure to strike a chord after a long day of shopping!

House of Blues
The House of Blues (named for the blue roof atop House of Pancakes) is a combination of an excellent restaurant and a music venue showcasing top performers who are willing to work for food. Be sure to stop by the restaurant on Sunday for the weekly Barber Shop Quartet Brunch -- it's never crowded!

Paintings, sculptures, candles, wall carvings, and other decorative items, all crafted by local grade-school orphans. A particular favorite: macaroni and gold-spray-paint decorated cardboard picture frame, $30 (or $40 with glitter).

Magic Masters
The place to go if you'd like to learn a few simple tricks so that you can go on Oprah and pretend you're psychic.

Ever wonder what happened to Magnetron, the giant robot from those 1960's Japanese movies? Well, he's been shrunk down to human size and opened a store in Downtown Disney, mostly just selling faded copies of his memoirs. He'd love for you to stop by and chat. Even just a little. Please?

Mickey’s Groove
Possibly the only store left on the planet that sells nothing but vinyl records. This particular venue should probably be avoided by anyone with severe sensitivity to dust.

Soused Family Cigars
The country's premier source of brandy, merlot, and sherry-scented cigars.

Mounds and mounds of bizarre stuff "rescued" from celebrity trash cans.

Virgin Megastore
Is there anything in the world that someone hasn't put a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe on? After a visit to this gigantic retail establishment, we'd have to say the answer is "no."

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