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The most happening night spot around, Pleasure Island is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Downtown Disney. Pleasure Island has gone through a lot of changes over the years since it first appeared as a place where young boys could smoke, drink, and generally make asses of themselves. Today, it is open to all adults and smoking is prohibited.

At one time there was a separate charge to enter Pleasure Island but that is no longer the case. Guests are welcome to come on by and stand outside the Island's many exciting clubs, listening to the happy noises of people who weren't so stingy that they'd rather stand out in the cold than cough up $10 and go inside.

Adventurers Club
This adventure-themed club has four rooms, each of which features a different means of wasting time so that the band never has to come on stage. Cast members will tell stories, perform little skits, and do pretty much anything to stop the music from starting. Some guests complain that in dozens of visits they have never once heard music, and that cast members discourage dancing to the music in your head. House drink: fresh-squeezed cocoanut juice

Dance the night away in a venue themed like the insect lair from A Bug's Life! Wait staff wears ant costumes, sweet snacks are on hand, and the music yells "party" with a strange high-pitched undercurrent that will either jazz you up or give you a migraine. House drink: "bug juice" (don't ask)

Trivia: This club was originally called "8TRAX" and played nothing but '70s music. It underwent a redesign after a near fatal gold chain/afro collision during a particularly jaunty bout of "The Hustle."

BET Soundstage Club™
We haven't been in this venue so we don't know what it's all about. Our assumption is that anyone who thinks they can get away with trademarking the word "club" is too tough for us to mess with. House drink: club™ soda.

Communist Warehouse

You will dance! You will have fun! You will enter and not be allowed to leave! House drink: straight vodka in a clear glass with a shot of vodka on the side.

Mannequins Dance Palace
Mannequins rocks with three levels of mannequin-themed dancing (you've never seen so many people doing the robot in your life). The dance floor in Mannequins rotates, and the faster the music the faster it rotates. If you visit on Punk Rock Wednesdays, wear a helmet. House drink: vodka martini -- spun, not stirred

Trivia: Mannequins was named for the movie of almost the same name.

Top-40 hits, played in order (with rankings updated every ten minutes), in a venue that you won't be able to find because it's never in the same place twice (hence the name). House drink: The Mix -- the top 40 mixed drinks, all mixed together.

Raglan Road
Irish food, music, dancing, storytelling, drinking, and fighting, served with a bright-green smile. House drinks: Irish coffee, Irish whiskey, and pretty much anything else that isn't Scotch.

Trivia: Wear a t-shirt from Epcot's UK pavilion and one of the wacky wait staff might punch you in the face!

Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club
The only club in the world with non-stop Beach Boys, cast members in swimwear, and a white-sand dance floor. Rock on!

Superstar Studio
The cheapest dance club in all of Pleasure Island, Superstar Studio features music performed impromptu by other guests -- and charges guests for the pleasure of performing! We don't know why it works, but it does and from a marketing perspective, it's brilliant!

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