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Downtown Disney: The Marketplace


Offering some of the best and most varied shopping in the resort, the Marketplace is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Downtown Disney. The three themes here are "fun," "variety," and "intense crowding," with the former giving way to the latter as evening approaches.

Guests who plan on doing a lot of shopping should remember that shops are happy to ship your purchase to your home. All you need to do is make your request before the sale is complete and endure the withering stare of the person behind you in line as you fill out the shipping paperwork.

Trivia: This shopping area was originally called the Disney Village Marketplace until 1989 when its name was changed in the aftermath of a lawsuit brought byThe Village People.

Art of Disney
A bunch of bric-a-brac hand-made by some guy named Arthur "Art" Disney (no relation).

Everything for the person who loves luxury, enjoys quiet relaxation, or just plain needs a bath. Try the glow-in-the-dark radioactive soap!

Disney Tails
A 101 Dalmations-themed furrier. Classy!

Disney’s Days of Christmas
Anything and everything so long as it's related to Christmas and mentioned in the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song. A partridge for your drummer drumming, anyone?

Disney's Pin Traders
Hat pins! Bobby pins! Cotter pins! Rolling pins! Bespins! It's pin-sational!

Disney's Wonderful World of Memories
Paper or stickers or something like that. We can't recall.

EUROSPAIN by Arribas Brothers
Hand-made glass artwork ranging from inexpensive and incredibly delicate to incredibly expensive and delicate. Leave your hyperactive and/or over-stimulated children outside or walk in with a wad of cash already at hand.

Goofy's Candy Co.
It's candy gone goofy! Unrolled Tootsie Rolls, caramel-dipped potatoes, sour chocolate, fresh-baked cooties, candied candles, jelly-covered beans, and stick candy on a stick are just some of the things you'll find here. You can also visit the dipping station where, for $19.95, you can dip all your purchases in chocolate -- even if they aren't edible! (Personally, we stop at Once Upon a Toy Store first and then come here to make My Little Chocolate Covered Pony.)

Just Planarians
A cart selling little pets that you can buy, name, and bisect to make twins!

LEGO Imagination Center
Populated with gigantic, actual-size LEGO models (check out the anatomically correct t-rex), the LEGO Imagination Center is a destination unto itself. In addition to hundreds, if not thousands, of available LEGO sets, your little builder can also find the fabulous "pick a brick" wall, from which you can have as many square bricks as you can fit into a round container for only $19.95.

Mickey Mart
Everything in this amazing store is priced at $10, no matter what it's worth! There are some minor ripoffs (the gum) and some great deals (the fine china), so buyer beware!

Mickey's Pantry
An empty store (Mickey eats out a lot).

Once Upon a Toy Store
Once upon a time there was a toy store infected with a magical virus that created a Disney theme in everything it touched. This is where you can find Disney versions of every toy you loved as a child (Jack Skellington jacks, Chernabog's Easy Bake Oven, Rock 'em Sock 'em Eisners, etc.). There are also stations where, for $19.95, you can pick a Mr. Potato Head or My Little Pony and choose a variety of accessories to go with it (legs, eyes, mouths, etc., if you don't mind handling pony parts). You can even mix and match (if you little gangster wants to put My Little Pony's head in Mr. Potato Head's bed, for example)

Pooh Corner
Despite what you may have heard in off-color blog postings or tawdry online discussion forums, this is not a Disney-themed bathroom supply store. It's just a nice place to purchase Hundred Acre Woods-themed merchandise (with a restroom in the back, in case you need it).

Summer Sands
Every possible piece of swimwear or swimming accessory you can imagine! (Open seasonally: close July -- September.)

Team Mickey Athletic Club
An athletic equipment store just teeming with Mickey Mouse. Although prices are reasonable, this is a club, so guests must pay a significant membership fee before making a purchase.

World of Disney
Do you remember those scenes in Terminator that take place in a future where robots have taken over the world, reducing all human civilization to rubble? Well, replace "robots" with "Disney," "rubble" to "merchandise," and "future" to "now" and you'll have a good idea of what it's like to visit the World of Disney store.

WoD is divided into sections for men, women, boys, girls, pets, food, jewelry, videos, games, office supplies, emergency equipment, medical prosthesis, and some fifty other categories. They even have a store within the store selling nothing but World of Disney logo souvenirs. There's literally something for everyone here (even for people who exist in concept only).

Within World of Disney is Bibbidy Bobbidi Botique, where your little princess or effeminate prince can get their hair, clothing, makeup, nails, and attitude remade in Disney-princess style for as little as $175 (including vocal coaching, photographs, and a notary for the copyright waivers). More rugged kids will enjoy the Adventure Room, in which pirate-themed merchandise is available aplenty (we like the "pirate loot" deal where for $19.95 you can have as much pretend treasure and pirate accoutrement as you can jam in a hollow peg leg).

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