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Disney's Animal Kingdom: Entrance/Oasis

More imbued with the spirit of discovery than the entrance to any other park, the Oasis is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Guests arriving at park opening will receive a special welcome in which costumed characters appear to greet children, followed by animal keepers holding real, live animals that guests can look at and pet while everyone else runs to Kilimanjaro Safaris.

The Oasis is a beautiful area intertwined with trails from which exciting plants can be seen. Here and there along the trails are animal habitats where a glimpse of a bug, rodent, or shadow that might be some kind of little deer will reward patient viewers and the distant purr of vanishing Expedition Everest FASTPASSes can be heard in the distance.

Some adult guests enjoy the feeling of exploration provided by the Oasis so much that they spend most of their day in this area. Then again, some adult guests need help tying their shoes, collect things that are shiny, or stand in long lines to ride TriceraTop Spin, so they may not be your best indicator of entertainment value.

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