Walt Disney World

Disney's Animal Kingdom

April 1998

As the largest park theme park in the entire resort, Disney's Animal Kingdom is truly the heart of Walt Disney World. This is the only place in the World where guests can view live animals in their natural habitat (well, aside from the wildlife at Fort Wilderness, alligators in the Magic Kingdom waterways, and All Star Movies' clan of mutant hive-mentality wasps). None of the animals here are animatronic unless they are insects, imaginary, extinct, or (occasionally) the back side of an elephant.

Some guests complain that Disney's Animal Kingdom is a "half day" park -- that it can be completely experienced in only a few hours. This is nowhere near the truth! Anyone who thinks they have done all there is to do at the Animal Kingdom in half a day is either not appreciating all it has to offer, not shopping enough, or walking too fast.

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