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Disney's Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey

Because it is so appealing to the youngest visitors, Camp Minnie-Mickey is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Children love to come here and visit with many of their favorite cartoon friend to collect autographs and learn important lessons in patience and line standing. Camp Minnie-Mickie is also home to two of Animal Kingdom's most popular live-action shows.

Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends
Listen and watch as Pocahontas introduces many of her forest friends -- turkey, rabbit, snake, squirrel -- and tells you how they live as part of their environment, what they taste like, and what you can make out of them.

Festival of the Lion King
A cast of hundreds dances, sings, swings on trapeze, juggles fire, catches razor-sharp spears in their teeth, hangs upside down, and performs impossible-seeming acts of gymnastics, recreating scenes from the hit film The Lion King. Truly an amazing show. You haven't lived until you've seen two guys in a Zebra costume galloping around a stage while juggling flaming torches with another guy dressed as a lion doing cartwheels on their back.

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