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Disney's Animal Kingdom: Beastly Kingdom

With its appeal to the love of fantasy within all of us, Beastly Kingdom is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Beastly Kingdom was one of the first Disney's Animal Kingdom lands to be announced, but it was the last to be constructed, opening late in 2007.

Lair of the Dragons
This may be the most exciting, most complex rollercoaster ever constructed. Two trains are launched simultaneously, one painted like a red dragon and the other painted like a blue dragon. The dragons race through a track themed like a gigantic dragon treasure cave. And to make it even more exciting, seven smaller cars, each holding only two riders and painted with the images of sword-wielding knights, are also thrown into the mix, battling the dragons for their treasure. But what makes this a truly special event is the fact that whenever a knight car passes in front of a dragon car, the dragon car fires off a huge plume of either flame or steam (depending on the dragon)! This attraction is so popular that FASTPASSes often run out in the park's first half hour of operation, and people have been known to wait in the standby line for up to three days.

Minotaur's Maze
It's a gigantic hedge maze, but with a difference! This hedge maze is also the home of a gigantic mechanical minotaur, strong enough to pick up even the most Pooh-sized guest and throw him or her out of the maze and right back to the beginning of the attraction queue. Guests willing to spend a little money can purchase a ball of string at the entrance to enhance their chances of escaping unthrown.

Mr. Toad's Wilder Ride
There were so many complaints when the Magic Kingdom closed Mr. Toad's Wild Ride that Imagineers decided to recreate this fun little dark ride in Beastly Kingdom. This version differs from the original in that Toad, instead of rampaging through the English countryside, tests his off-road abilities in a fantastic menagerie populated with imaginary creatures from literature. Riders, playing the part of Toad, ruin a sphinx's library, spill a leprechaun's pot of gold, speed down a dark tunnel for an unavoidable collision with a Cyclops, and end up barely escaping from the lair of fire elementals!

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