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Disney's Animal Kingdom: Asia

Because it has some of the best thrills in the entire park, Asia is considered by most guests to be the most memorable part of Disney's Animal Kingdom. The theming in this part of the park is truly amazing. Reports from guests who have never been to Asia are unanimous on one point -- this looks exactly like Asia. (Guests who were actually from Asia most commonly said, "We left Asia for this?")

Expedition Everest
An occasionally steam-spewing mine train takes guests on a thrilling ride deep within Mount Everest where they are menaced by a yeti! Only, it's not actually Mount Everest, but a mountain near Everest. And it's not really a mountain, just the front half of a mountain. And it's not really a yeti, just an out-of-work Bigfoot named Carl.

Trivia: All of the stuffed Yeti for sale in souvenir shops are white because (so the story goes) the yeti was so scared by all the tourists that its hair turned white.

Kali River Rapids
It's a battle between loggers and guests in a raft! Prepare to be preached to, doused, squirted, preached to again, and possibly set on fire on this exciting attraction extolling the evils of logging.

Trivia: This entire attraction is 100% constructed from native wood.

Maharajah Jungle Trek
Guests can take a relaxing walk through Asian-style buildings that have been taken over by a variety of stereotypical Asian wildlife, such as tigers, Kobe beef cattle, beer-drinking kirin, and Jackie Chan.

Trivia: In order to entice the tigers to relax somewhere that guests could easily see them, Imagineers provided the cats with a big, warm rock that smells like meat

Flights of Wonder Under New Management
The old bird show will never be the same! Those wacky rapscallions Zazu (from The Lion King) and Iago (from The Tempest) have purchased the old Flights of Wonder show and are going to sell the entire cast to Cruella de Ville to make hats out of! Can the birds save themselves using only their natural abilities? You have to see it to find out!

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