Disney California Adventure

Silicon Valley

January 2004

The most recent land in Disney California Adventure is the Silicon Valley, a tribute to the great minds that created the computer revolution. Currently, the Silicon Valley has two major attractions, with a third -- The Wild Dot Com -- scheduled to open some time next year.

The Datacade

This building is evenly divided between an arcade featuring current video games and a large display area in which the latest in computing power excess is displayed. Here you can (among other things):

  • Play a full immersion, HDTV-3D, virtual reality game of solitaire
  • Take a ride through the Tron Superspeed Tunnel
  • See the world's largest, most expensive array of superconducting supercomputers struggle to wring every last digit out of pi
  • Watch the life-size Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots -- Micro and Mac -- slug it out in the virtual arena (hint -- the best robot isn't always the winner!).

Adventure Thru Cyberspace

Sponsored by Microsoft, Adventure Thru Cyberspace is an all new concept in entertainment. Guests entering the show building see an enormous "compuscope" into one end of which "compumobiles" loaded with guests enter. A window in the middle of the compuscope reveals that guests are shrinking as they approach the device's other end which is pointed into the workings of partially disassembled (but running) gaming computer.

Aboard their ride vehicles, guests are treated to a realistic simulatioin of what it would be like to shrunk to atomic size and injected into a computer chip. Issues of how one could breathe after being even slightly miniaturized (since chemical reactions between shrunk and unshrunk atoms would, at best, be unpredictable) and how individual atoms could be seen by even a miniscule individual when the interaction between photons and atoms on this scale is not analogous to the behavior of light and solids as normally seen and the size of the viewer's retina is in the neighborhood of the wavelength of visible light is not addressed, but I suppose this would be a bit much to expect from a theme park attraction. Scientific implausabilities aside, the experience is not only visually pleasing, but educational!

Trivia: During the "shrinking" process a plethora of indistinct objects rush by, one of which bares an uncanny resemblance to a Star Tours Starspeeder!

Adventure Thru Cyberspace Ride Spiel

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