Disney California Adventure

California Screamin'

February 2001

California Screamin'

This roller coaster, the only Paradise Pier attraction completely custom built for the park, had an unusual launch system. Instead of hauling a car full of guests to the top of a hill before releasing them, California Screamin' uses a magnetic linear accelerator (constructed for a high-energy physics lab in Texas that was never completed due to cuts in government funding) to take ride vehicles from 0 to 80 mph in .7 seconds -- hold on to your hats and glasses!

To keep ride capacity high, the roller coaster is designed so that up to twelve "trains" of cars can be on the track simultaneously. If there is an emergency (brake failure, derailment, surprise inspection, passing pigeon, hint of rain), sophisticated computers bring all ride vehicles to a halt, preventing spectacular, prime-time-news-lead-story-style collisions. Because it would not be safe to suddenly stop cars that are moving at such great speeds, emergency procedures shunt vehicles into other attractions, restaurants, the lake, or the boardwalk itself for more leisurely deceleration.

Screamin' is the first Disneyland Resort ride to feature an intentional inversion (an interesting aside: inversions are featured in the Disneyland Paris versions of both Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean). With a ride duration of 15 minutes, it's also one of the longest attractions in the park.

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