Disney California Adventure

Superstar Limo

February 2001 - January 2002

For the brief time it was open, Superstar Limo was -- by far -- the most popular ride in all of Disney California Adventure. Lines were regularly so long that they interfered with the queue for the Sun Wheel ferrous wheel. It was these enormous crowds that were eventually the ride's downfall. The vehicles weren't built to take this kind of constant at-capacity use, and the Hollywood Pictures Backlot was not designed to handle crowds of this magnitude.

Why the crowds? The answer is simple -- star power.

The idea behind Superstar Limo was that guests would enter a limousine and ride through a caricatured Hollywood landscape on the way to the premier of "their" new movie. Pretty standard fare, so far. But the kicker was that, at the end of the ride, a real Hollywood star would be there to get all excited and ask the guest for his or her autograph!

Superstar Limo!!!On any given day, the star who would appear at the end of the ride was a secret, and guests were required to sign a form before they went on Superstar Limo, promising that they would not reveal who the day's star was. Stars who participated in the ride included Whoopie Goldberg, and, um -- okay, it was pretty much always Whoopie Goldberg. But there was always the chance that it could be someone else, and that chance was what kept the level of excitement about this ride so high.

At this date, Superstar Limo is still officially listed as a ride on California Adventure maps, but it has not been in operation for some time. Rumor has it that all new contracts for actors in Disney films or ABC television shows will include requirements that the star will spend a certain amount of time in Superstar Limo, so that riders will be asked for autographs by at least three stars at the end of the ride instead of just Whoopie Goldberg. Once enough of these contracts have been signed, and Disney has had a chance to create a multi-tiered queue structure for the attraction, Superstar Limo will be up and running once again!

Update: As of June 2004, Superstar Limo is officially, permanently closed. Many C-list celebrities showed up for a ceremonial removal of the signange. The event, the largest in California Adventure's history to date, drew a crowd of more than several dozen.

Update: In 2006, Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! replaced Superstar Limo, further dimming the hopes of those who are still holding out for its eventual return.

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