Disney California Adventure

Hollywood Pictures Backlot

February 2001

The Hollywood Pictures Backlot area of Disney California Adventure is themed as a Hollywood street set, complete with fake buildings and bad actors. The theme is disrupted a bit by what is supposed to be a studio building, an actual theater, a movie theater, a hotel, and a dark ride that's never open, but at least the "Millionaire" soundstage kind of fits.

The street in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot is literally a street -- blacktop with a white line down the center. This blacktop is, in fact, all that remains of the parking lot that once occupied the space now taken by Disney California Adventure.

In April 2004, California Adventure's biggest "E-ticket" attraction will open in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area -- the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Within the enormous show building, guests will enter elevators that will be lifted dozens of stories and then propelled violently down into the building's basement. The ride is accompanied by special effects and visual elements symbolizing the stock market crash that led to the great depression, so the ride will be both thrilling and educational.

As you take our virtual tour the Backlot's attractions, be sure to visit the Sorcerer's Workshop within the Disney Animation building. There you will find an exact copy of Disney's computer system that allows you to see what classic Disney animated character you are most like!

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