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Disney Animation: Sorcerer's Workshop

The Sorcerer's Workshop includes three special areas that allow guests to learn a little bit more about how the process of animation works.

In the first section, guests are presented with a variety of basic devices for viewing series of frames of animation and given an opportunity to make a simple animation loop of their own. All animations made here become property of the Disney Corporation and may not be removed from the premises without prior written permission, and all character names and likenesses thereof may not be used for non-corporate purposes without the payment of the applicable licensing fee.

The Beast's LibraryThe second section is decorated like the Beast's library from Beauty and the beast. At one end is a fireplace, above which hangs a portrait of the Beast as he appeared in his corruptible, mortal state. Along the walls are computer stations, at which guests can sit and experience an enjoyable interactive computer program which attempts to divine which Disney character they are most like.

Because DisneyLies.com wants to save our guests a few bucks, we spent an enormous amount of time going through all of the possible permutations of this program and took copious notes, allowing us to recreate it in excruciating detail here on our Web site. Now you can find out what Disney character you are like without going to the expense of actually visiting the theme park. Use the link at the bottom of this page to take the test. Oh sure, our version doesn't take your picture, isn't hosted by cute animations of Pumba and Malefacent, and doesn't have anything in the way of graphics, but it's certainly more convenient!

In the final section of the Sorcerer's Workshop, guests are invited to add their voices to classic Disney cartoons. Ever want to know what it would be like to hear grandpa crooning "Kiss the girl" to the Little Mermaid, or hear your mother-in-law's scream come out of a villain's mouth as she fell off a cliff? Then this is the place for you!

What Disney Character Am I?

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