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Disney Animation: Drawn to Animation

February 2001 - 2005

Although this show listed a capacity of over a hundred, it was held in the office of an actual Disney animator and therefore became very crowded during peak hours. During this four-hour presentation, guests were taken in painstaking detail through development of a Disney animated character -- in this case, the tar baby from The Song of the South. The tour was conducted by the animator whose office has been invaded, and by a number of "guests" via large multimedia displays. Appearing on the screens to aid the animator were the crows from Dumbo and a long-forgotten centaur from Fantasia, ready to give the animated character's side of the story.

Among the many facts guests learned were that animated characters can change quite a bit during their development. For example, in early drafts of Song of the South, the role of the tar baby was greatly expanded, and much was going to be made about what kind of food it ate, how funny it talked, and how well it could dance. Its part was eventually pared significantly in order to keep the story on track.

Drawn to Animation was one of the most educational exhibits in the park, and learning didn't stop even after the show was over. There was a large exhibit of animation art positioned at Drawn to Animation's exit, featuring hundreds of drawings that were removed from Disney animated features for legal reasons, and conceptual art for characters that had to be cut to keep the film ratings boards happy.

The attraction was eventually closed after polite notes requesting its destruction were received from the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, NOW, the ADL, PETA, UNICEF, and Jimmie "James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr." Walker.

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