Disney California Adventure

Pacific Wharf

February 2001

Pleasant eateries are available in the Pacific Wharf area, each with a focus on a particular ethnicity (Mexican, Chinese, and Beer). There are also three working food factories in which guests can take mini factory tours.

Mission Tortilla Factory: Guests explore the history of the tortilla, first through a film starring and written by what has to be the lowest-bidding film and animation studio ever to receive an outsourcing contract from Disney, and then through two more films, apparently from an even smaller contractor. From there, guests enter the factory proper, in which two enormous, steam-powered industrial behemoths take simple flower and water and chop, crush, and mercilessly burn it into lifeless tortillas. Kids are welcome to sample the wares, if they still have the stomach for it after witnessing the violence. At the end of the room is a test kitchen in which expert chefs make a variety of tasty dishes that guests are not allowed to touch or eat.

The Boudin Bakery: Even larger than the tortilla factory, the large Boudin sourdough bread facility continues to impress upon youngsters the violence inherent in even purely vegetarian cooking. Guests are led (via film) through the complex by an out-of-work talk show host and a balding improvisation comic, who briefly discuss the unappetizing history of sourdough and make very, very clear that bread dough is a living, breathing creature, torn from its mother, left to rest and relax until it is perfectly calm, and then broiled. The equipment used to torture and kill the poor sourdough is downright Spanish Inquisitional, and bakers sometimes make the dough into clever seasonal shapes before baking it to death. Not for the weak of stomach.

Zacky Farms Chicken Processing Plant: Gizzard the animatronic chicken conducts a tour of this working plant. Not only is Gizzard the most advanced animatronic creature ever created, but his dialogue (voiced by the multitalented Bill Cosby) is hilarious. Kids will learn a lot (and get plenty of laughs) as they watch the swift, efficient, "coop to nuggets" process. Truly a treat for the whole family, and worth visiting over and over.

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