Disney California Adventure

Golden Vine Winery

February 2001

California Adventure strives to distance itself from Disneyland's teetotaler image by not only allowing alcohol to be purchased in the park, but by dedicating a whole area to drinking. The Golden Vine Winery is a lovely section of the park, in which hills are covered in beautiful grape vines in season, and bare, dead-looking plant remains on colorless trellises out of season.

The main attraction here is a pair of restaurants -- the Vineyard Room in which you can spend three of the ten hours the park is open having an expensive (but really good) meal, and the Wine Country Trattoria, which is less expensive and doesn't up as large a portion of the day, but also doesn't give you as much time to get completely wasted. A large number of California vintages are available both in the restaurants and at a concession counter. Wine may be purchased by the glass, by the bottle, or in a souvenir sipper. Slightly aged grape juice is available for the kids (it's great for quieting babies!)

The Golden Vine Winery also features Seasons of the Vine, a short film that we hear is about the history of wine making, or how to make wine, or something like that. We're not exactly sure of its contents because we haven't seen it. Then again, neither has anyone else.

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