Disney California Adventure

Rap 'n' Roller Coaster starring Eminem

In recent years, Disney has "cloned" a number of attractions from one of its parks to another. This has left a bit of a bitter taste in the mouths of some fans who would much rather see innovation than copying. With this in mind, Disney has promised not to clone Disney-MGM Studios' Rock 'n' Roller Coaster for Disney California Adventure. Instead, they are going to disassemble the Disney-MGM ride, ship it to California, and reassemble it in the new park!

Along with the new location will come some new theming, more in keeping with the California atmosphere. In the old version of the ride, guests were supposedly rushing to meet with some aging rockers who had given them back-stage passes that nobody else wanted. At California Adventure, guests will be rushing to get away from a massive rap battle taking place in inner-city Los Angeles between two (ahem) "def crews of righteous hoodz."

The entire high-speed journey will be set to the music of a tune by rapper Eminem, custom made for the ride. Even more exciting, computers will mix up the rap for each ride, so while one group of guests might hear Eminem croon, "My mom's on crack, won't get off my back," another might hear, "They hate me might'ly, because I'm whitey" or "You ****, **** this, give my **** a *****."

Rumor has it that concerns have been brought to Michael Eisner over the appropriateness of Eminem's music for this purpose. Eisners response was that he personally loved Eminem, "The peanut ones in particular."

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