Disney California Adventure

Monsters, Inc. Motorcade

A Monsters, Inc. themed attraction would both increase Disney California Adventure's appeal to families and serve as a bitter reminder to Pixar that they don't control their own characters any more. That, and the mild increase in annual-passholder attendance that has come about since the opening of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, inspired Imagineers to remake the Superstar Limo building into the Monsters, Inc. Motorcade.

When guests enter the ride, they board a "scream-ousine" (which looks a lot like a limousine) that is equipped with an on-board television screen. The screen is there so that the guest's "agent" (a monster that looks like a human/Muppet crossbreed) can fill them in on the ride's story.

According to the agent, there is going to be a new Monsters, Inc. sequel, and the guests look so monstrous that they are in it! The scream-ousine will take the guests to the film's world premier, but first it has to travel through the entertainment district of Monstropolis!

At this point, the ride vehicle begins its journey through Monstropolis. In a brilliant twist, Imagineers have designed Monstropolis to look, not like the cartoony world of the Pixar film, but like a truly scary place -- Los Angeles! During the ride, guests will see simple animated figures of a number of horrifying creatures (Drew Carey, Whoopie Goldburg, etc.)

The ride ends with the scream-ousine pulling up at the world premier of Monsters, Inc. 2. Favorite characters from the film are there to greet guests in person (in the form of plywood cutouts). What a thrill!

Monsters, Inc. Motorcade promises to be unlike anything guests have ridden before. It will be truly horrifying!

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