Disney California Adventure

A Bug's Land

February 2001

When Disney California Adventure opened, Bountiful Valley Farm was a land unto its own. In 2002, however, a powerful coalition of cast members working in the It's Tough to Eat a Bug! attraction conducted a midnight raid and annexed some adjacent property, creating Flik's "Fun" Fair and effectively doubling Bountiful Valley Farm's footprint. The creation of this second sub-land adjacent to the Farm necessitated the creation of a new label for the expanded area, and the newly empowered insectophiles were able to successfully lobby for "A Bug's Land" (vs their opponents' suggested "Bountiful Valley -- Now with Pests!")

In 2011, the old Bountiful Valley Farm was razed to make room for Cars Land, and DCA restaurants had to start getting their produce from supermarkets.

Flik's "Fun" Fair

Former Attraction
Bountiful Valley Farm

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