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Toontown Window Cutouts

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

We have just returned from our most recent Disneyland research trip (hence the resounding silence of the last few days), and have a few interesting (sic.) things to share with you before we return to our current mania for posting the contents of other people’s mail.

One thing we noticed for the first time at Disneyland was the pattern of window cutouts in the homes in Toontown. Take a look:

Toontown Window Cutouts

  • Minnie’s house shows heart cutouts, because she’s so full of love.
  • Mickey’s house has diamonds, because he’s the shining jewel of Toontown.
  • Goofy’s house has clubs, because his house is a clubhouse.
  • Pluto’s dog house (not pictured here) has spades, but we’re not sure why.

Any theories on why there is a card theme to these cutouts? Or why Donald’s boat has circles instead of more card-related shapes?

We are sure there is some deep meaning here, but are unable to puzzle it out.

Disneyland Tour: Emporium windows

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Emporium windows

For many years, every time Disney produced a new feature film, the windows of the Emporium would be redecorated with animated dioramas depicting notable scenes from the film. The practice ended when Disney began to branch out, making a wider variety of films, and the Emporium window dioramas for Pretty Woman caused a bit of an uproar.

Today, the Emporium’s windows contain a mixture of scenes from classic films with displays of current products. For example, pictured here are characters from Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast along with some kind of themed ribbons, or decorations, or jewelry, or overstock items (or something like that).

Coming up next: Emporium dental scene