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Top 10 Tips for Visiting Disneyland When You’re Pregnant

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Heading to the Disneyland Resort while in the later stages of pregnancies? Here are a few tips you might find handy:

  1. Before going, memorize where all the restrooms are. All of them. Even the secret ones. Even the men’s rooms. (You’ll be glad you did.)
  2. Make your husband/partner/kids carry everything. You’re already hauling a baby around!
  3. Avoid anything that might make you nauseated (broccoli in restaurants, fake smells piped onto Main Street, princesses).
  4. Gloat about how you managed to sneak your unborn child into the park for free.
  5. Fantasize about giving birth right in front of the Partners statue and getting a free lifetime pass for your baby.
  6. Take a funny picture with a child’s Mickey Mouse ears hat and strapped to your stomach or with your tummy next to a “You must be this tall to enter” sign.
  7. Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded by internet rumors about how a couple of rides on the Tower of Terror can knock a full month off your due date.
  8. Ask if you can go on an attraction a second time without staying in line because you’re “riding for two.”
  9. Although it may be tempting to rest a popcorn bucket on your belly while sitting at the curb and waiting for a parade, don’t do it — if the baby kicks, there will be popcorn everywhere.
  10. Look for baby name inspiration! Mickey! Minnie! Pooh! Mulan! Rafiki! Chernabog! Main Street Station! They’re all wonderful, perfect, Disney-fan-child names!

Bonus tip for the emotionally needy: Go on the Jungle Cruise and when you see the elephants say “is that what I look like now?” and start crying. You’ll receive massive sympathy! Even from strangers! Near the end of the ride, when you’re sufficiently calmed down, point to the baby elephant near the dock, say “Is that what my baby’s going to look like?” and start the whole thing over again. (We admit that this doesn’t make much sense, but you can get an incredible amount of comfort and attention.)