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Obsessed with War

Friday, October 18th, 2013

When the Disneyana shop was mercilessly vaporized for the sake of a populist caffeine purveyor, its facade was reworked into the semblance of a small-town antiquarian bookstore. “The Book Rest” is a lovely addition to Main Street, U.S.A., but we have some questions regarding the choice of books on display in the store’s window.

The books with titles we can read include:

  • A Tale of Two Cities (a classic)
  • Jane Eyre (another classic)
  • Eve Curie (never heard of it, but the author’s a classic)
  • Power in America (probably a biography of Edison)
  • Wuthering Heights (a classic)
  • Library of World Poetry (a collection of classics)
  • History of Art (Art who? We’re not sure)
  • Daniel Boone and His Animal Friends (anything about animals is fine)
  • Moby Dick (the book that inspired the opera-singing Disney character)

No problem so far. Then there are two copies of each of these books:

  • Gone with the Wind (two seems a bit much — you’d think Disney would shy away from this material, what with Song of the South and all)
  • Classic Wharf Rats: Their Hideouts (wait — what? Is this some kind of bizarre “hidden Mickey?”)

It gets a little more out of control with three copies each of:

  • King Henry VIII (weird choice, but okay)
  • Treasure Island (with maybe a fourth copy in the back, this is a Disney classic and probably the most appropriate book here)

And, finally, the display just goes completely overboard with seventeen copies of:

  • War and Peace

Let us say that again in italics with an exclamation point at the end: seventeen copies of War and Peace!

Here, with the W&P circled (click to enlarge), is just one of the store’s two windows:

War and Peace and The Book Rest

Why this book? Is it the basis for an upcoming animated feature? Did they have a bunch of it lying around in their garage? Could it be some kind of veiled threat? If you have any idea why the Imagineers who decorated these windows were so obsessed with War and Peace, please let us know in the comments.