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Disneyland Tour: Vehicle entrance

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Vehicle entrance

Between the Fire Department and Emporium are large, modern gates cleverly disguised as large, old-fashioned gates. Occasionally, Main Street vehicles can be seen passing off stage through these gates, but observant guests who have both a map and a lick of common sense will notice that the gates appear to lead to the back of the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. This is because all Main Street vehicles (including the trains — as indicated by the obvious tracks leading to the gate) are stored in the Jungle Cruise at night or while being serviced. Guests riding the Jungle Cruise don’t notice the vehicles because they’re mostly only there when it’s dark, and even when they’re stored there during the day, they’re hidden behind trees and such. The horses used to draw some of the vehicles are painted with black-and-white stripes to help them better blend in with their Animatronic brethren.

This may seem like a silly arrangement, but Disneyland is really not that large a place, so many such compromises had to be made. This is why Abe Lincoln can sometimes be faintly heard by those riding Space Mountain, the Frontierland Shooting Exposition stopped using real bullets after several Plaza Gardens Stage performers were accidentally shot, the Hungry Bear Restaurant and Toontown food stands share a kitchen, and Splash Mountain drains into the Haunted Mansion’s basement.

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