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Disneyland Tour: Tram

Friday, February 4th, 2011


Guests riding the tram are given a large number of instructions both before and during their ride. Some of these make sense (no leaping from the tram, don’t hold an unfolded stroller on your lap, no yelling “fire”), while others are more obscure (keep your toes off the magic yellow line, no chair dancing, mantenga el comedor de la hamburguesa de mi poncho). One recent rule — “keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times” — was instated after the traditional “put your hand out and give everyone in the tram that’s heading the other way a high five” game turned tragic due to the presence of a joyriding Captain Hook.

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Disneyland Tour: Aboard a tram

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Aboard a tram

Disneyland trams are comfortable, convenient, and powered by a clean-burning biofuel distilled from leftover churros and turkey legs. Although Disney tries to keep the tram-riding experience unique and entertaining, cost-cutting has reduced available amenities over the years. No-longer-available tram conveniences include beverage service, in-ride movies, pillows, bathrooms, tray tables, reclining seats, upper berths, and roll cages. Trams are still free, but in 2009 Disney began imposing a $25 fee on riders with excess luggage.

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Disneyland Tour: Trams

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011


Since opening day Disneyland has been famous for its easy parking and convenient parking lot trams. From the Mickey and Friends parking structure, the vast fleet of trams can be seen. Guests exiting the parking structure simply get on any of these trams that strikes their fancy, and the polite, courteous driver takes them to Downtown Disney, the theme park’s entrance, or any of more than 500 local businesses and places of lodging, on demand, free of charge, and never at more than 14 miles an hour.

Trams run from one hour before park opening to one hour after the last teenager trying to hide out past closing on Tom Sawyer Island has been located and ejected from the park.

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