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Disney Animation 2011: Tinker Bell – A Winter Tale

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

The final direct-to-DVD Tinker Bell feature, Tinker Bell — A Winter Tale sees Tink in trouble once again! This time, her childhood friend Polixenes comes to visit, and everything is fine for the first nine months until Polixenes decides it’s time to go home. Tink gets her pal Queen Herman to convince him to stay, and Herman does so easily. But this makes Tink suspiscious, which drives her completely insane with the thought that Herman might be pregnant and she starts trying to poison people. Hilarity ensues.

Fairied Alive!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

According to a post over at Molehill Media, Disneyland will soon play host to walk-around versions of Tinker Bell and her direct-to-video fairy friends, just in time to make little girls beg, scream, cry, and/or threaten an embarrassing public tantrum for fairy merchandise!

The five fairies — Tinker Bell, Fawn, Rosetta, Asia and The Black One — will take over Ariel’s Grotto in a jolly “Kick the Mermaid’s Fishy Behind” ceremony some time later this year. So that they will be ready for the rush of young girls with autograph books, wide eyes, and puzzlement over who the new fairies are, Disneyland is currently holding auditions for young women with slight figures between three and five inches in height.

Disney Animation 2010: Tinker Bell – A Midsummer Night’s Storm

Monday, May 5th, 2008

This direct-to-DVD Tinker Bell film will be the most complex to date, involving as it does three separate plot threads intertwined with the celebration of the wedding of the Duke of Thesaruses and Hippolady, queen of the Amazons. This film will introduce Titania, queen of the fairies, and a group of rude mechanical creatures that perform a cartoon feature within the cartoon. Puck, the hockey puck from the original Toy Story, make s a guest appearance.

Disney Animation 2009: Tinker Bell — Much Ado About Neverland

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

This 2009 direct-to-video release finds Tinker Bell causing mischief for her friends from Peter Pan. It seems that one of the Lost Boys has “kind of a thing” for Wendy, and when Peter Pan promises to tell Wendy about it and save his friend embarrassment, Tink tells the lost boy that Peter is really trying to date Wendy himself. Everything get worked out in the end, and Wendy and the lost boy decide to get married.

Board of waiting for Wendy’s wedding, Tink hatches a plot to make Captain Hook and Tiger Lily each think that the other is in love with them. But because both are too proud to fall in love with each other, Tink relieves her boredom by helping a couple of malcontents ruin Wendy’s wedding. Further hilarity ensues.

Disney Animation 2008: Tinker Bell

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

The first of four direct-to-video features centered on Peter Pan’s beloved Tinker Bell, this first film tells the story of how Tink uses her powers to help her enemy Antonio transport his friend Bassanio to a far off land when he can pick up his new Porsche. But when Antonio goes back on his word, she demands a pound of pixie dust for her trouble — an amount that, if Antonio gave it to her, would surely kill him.

The plot is complicated by the fact that most of the fairy kingdom is composed of nature fairies who look down on Tink’s tinkering powers, and because of this don’t give her much of a chance in the films climactic court scene.