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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

The Disneynature film Chimpanzee opened last Friday to rave reviews from primatologists, zookeepers, and banana fanciers across the country. Chimpanzee tells the story of “Oscar the Grouch” — a young chimpanzee who is “grouchy” because a Jaguar ate his mom. It is a beautifully filmed and inspirational movie, culminating in a brilliant, tear-jerking surprise ending involving the (spoiler alert) Statue of Liberty.

Disneynature will continue it’s string of animal documentaries next year with Elephant, which — for budgetary reasons — is being filmed entirely at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (in the tradition of television’s classic Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, filmed entirely in California’s Lion Country Safari. Note that Elephant replaces the previously announced Poodles, which was canceled due to difficulties with finding significant quantities of the title animal in the wild.

WALL*E, corrections

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

We have a couple of corrections to yesterday’s post on the new Pixar movie, WALL*E. Namely:

  1. The movie’s title is supposed to be in all caps — WALL*E, not Wall*E. (Apparently, Wall*E — with the lower-case letters — is street slang for wall paper infused with ecstasy.)
  2. We were less than accurate when we quoted some moron who said that Carol Channing is the voice for Wall*E’s ship’s computer. The ship’s computer is actually voiced by Sigourney Weaver. (Carol Channing played the title character in Alien.)
  3. The scene where characters vomit to the tune of songs from Yentl is in Shrek IV, not Shrek III, and in fact the song they vomit is not from Yentl, but is a medley from Funny Lady.
  4. We should have had a “spoiler alert” tag before the paragraph about Eve accidentally crippling WALL*E with the surplus rocket launcher, and should probably never have mentioned her subsequent suicide at all.

Sorry ’bout that!