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Frozen sequel announced

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Disney has officially announced a sequel to Frozen, it’s animated musical about a pair of princesses who have to work together to learn about the true meaning of love, sisterhood, and global box-office records.

We do not have full details at this time, but our unreliable sources have determined that the plot of the film will be something along these lines:

A few years after the events depicted in the first film, Elsa has completely mastered her power over the cold. Her sister Anna, on the other hand, has discovered that she too has magical powers, but her ability to control fire and heat lay dormant until her traumatizing near death.

Anna and Elsa remain close, but decide to divide the kingdom in half, with one half in eternal winter and the other in an endless summer. All of this will be explained in a pair of songs, “The Snow Princess Song” and “The Heat Princess Song.”

Conflict arises when it is learned that Santa Claus has a cold and has decided that he is going to skip Christmas this year because nobody really cares about him. Mrs. Claus and the elves — due to a series of complicated circumstances — can only save Christmas if they can convince Anna to allow Elsa to make it snow for one day in the sunny part of Arendelle (which she’d rather not do).

The situation is resolved through the intervention of Mother Nature (voiced by Dena Dietrich).