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Disneyland Tour: Security checkpoint

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Security checkpoint

After leaving the tram, guests have a short walk to the first security checkpoint. Many guests think that this is not only the first but also the only checkpoint, and they would be wrong. It is actually the third of twelve specially designed, high-tech checkpoints, the other eleven being carefully camouflaged into walkways, buildings, and turnstiles.

Even this most visible of checkpoints is more than meets the eye. The tables on which guests place their purses, backpacks, coolers, and unopened packages covered in foreign postage hide sophisticated x-ray devices. The bag checkers are schooled in facial analysis and body-language reading to help them distinguish guests seeking a magical day from nefarious villains and obnoxious, Six-Flags-style teenagers. And to top it all off, the canopy is full of contraband-sniffing police dogs, ready to be released at the push of a button.

Disneyland Resort security also makes extensive use of the full-body scanners that are used in many airports, but has managed to avoid the controversy associated with those devices by combining the scanners with simple electroshock devices that painlessly remove 30 seconds of guests’ short-term memory.

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