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Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The folks over at Texts From Superheroes use some kind of secret proprietary technology to intercept text message conversations between super-powered, supernatural, legendary, or otherwise notably heroic or villainic individuals. We were pleased to learn that they had stumbled across a conversation between Disney-fan favorites the Rocketeer and Captain America. They were fabulous enough to allow us to reproduce it here:

Texts from Superheroes


Fascinating! Now if they can just catch the Falcon chatting with Condorman (or maybe Darkwing Duck and Howard the Duck), we’d really have something!

Rocketeer Redux

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Fans of 1991’s The Rocketeer are foaming at the forums, atwitter on Twitter, and getting ‘faced on Facebook over rumors that Disney is considering making a sequel to the film.

If online gossip is to be believed (as it obviously should), the film will take place in modern-day Los Angeles, 74 years after the events in the original film. Cliff, a retired former test pilot, spends all his time on the rocking chair on his front porch reminiscing with his grandchildren (and anyone else who will listen) about his adventures. His teenage granddaughter Jenni gets tired of hearing the same old stories and wanders off, only to find Cliff’s old helmet and  jetpack in the attic. A musical and mechanical genius, she modifies the jetpack to comply with modern air-quality regulations and takes to the skies to secretly perform gigs around town and, ultimately, save the country from a reality-show promoter who’s secretly a foreign terrorist!

It has not been decided if the film will focus on Jenni’s musical ambitions or on Cliff looking to relive his past from the comfort of his rocking chair, but in either case The Rockerteer should be out for Christmas in 2014.