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What’s in the river?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

There has been much talk of interesting things that were found when Disneyland’s Rivers of America were drained a few months ago for maintenance. Here, according to indisputable anonymous sources that we have neither met nor corresponded with, is a partial list of interesting things dredged up from the river bottom:

  • Mud in assorted colors and flavors
  • What remains of the Mark Twain Mark I, which sank on Disneyland’s opening day
  • A bowling ball from the Haunted Mansion’s former subterranean bowling alley
  • Indisputable proof that it was indeed a mischievous young Kurt Russell who set the settler’s cabin on fire (his parents have been notified)
  • A coelacanth
  • A duck with a snorkel
  • Some 1.4 million cellphones, watches, wallets, and purses (these have been moved to the lost an found department where they can be claimed by their original owners — first come, first served)
  • Enough loose change to finance the DCA renovation
  • A crocodile with a banjo (possibly escaped from Splash Mountain)
  • The remains of various union representatives
  • Leeches. Barrels and barrels of leeches.

Refilling the river

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

After four months of refurbishment — during which the canoe’s tracks were straightened and the riverbed was sifted for stray wallets — Disneyland’s Rivers of America is once again being filled. According to one random person nearby who happened to be wearing an official-looking hat, it’s a more difficult process than you might imaging.

“The actual filling with water isn’t that difficult,” said the person, who looked kind of like an engineer, “it’s just a matter of organizing a couple of bucket brigades to bring water from Pirates and Splash and dump it in the river. What is difficult to manage is the ducks. Every single duck — and there are hundreds of them — has to be individually raised on jacks as the river’s level rises or the poor things would drown. But the ducks are an important part of the river. If it weren’t for them, the river wouldn’t have the thick, green color that gives it its realistic appearance and helps hide the tracks, Fantasmic! gear, and cast-member beer stashes.”