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Red Car Trolley

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Disney California Adventure’s Red Car Trolley now travels the rails from the park entrance to the Tower of Terror with just one stop between them (at Goofy’s Sky School). The cost for a ride was initially planned to be five cents, but due to recent adjustments to the Disneyland Resort’s pricing schedule, rides are now $75, one way, with monthly payment plans available.

Like the monorails, the trolleys are named for their color. For example, the two trolleys running today are Red Car Trolley Red…

Red Car Trolley Red


…and Red Car Trolley Yellow…

Red Car Trolley Yellow


In this second picture, you can also see how forced perspective is used to make the cars look longer when seen from the front, helping to disguise the fact that they had to be downsized in order to fit DCA’s roadways.