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Disneyland Tour: Palm trees

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Palm trees

The Disneyland entrance plaza is lined with huge palm trees. These are some of the few trees remaining from the orange grove that was demolished to make way for Disneyland (the trees were converted by the landscaping department from orange to palm to better fit the area’s theming).

Trees that were cut down before construction did not go to waste. The oranges were preserved in concentrate form to be served to guests, and their orange color was similarly stored and used to color Tiki Room bird feathers and fake flames in Pirates of the Caribbean. Leaves were separated, stored, cured and served as exotic salads. And the wood was formed into boards and used to construct Adventureland’s Shrunken Head-Stand and Tomorrowland’s Hall of Achievements in Postage (both of which collapsed during moderate-to-high winds in 1956).

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