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Juju Secrets: Juju #8 — The Secret Code

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

The Pineapple juju is not the most difficult to obtain, but it can prove to be a bit tricky for guests who do not have either a degree in cryptology or a handy enigma machine.

After paying your fee at the usual place, you receive an envelope on which are instructions we didn’t bother to read and in which is a map.

Pineapple juju map

The map has a message in the top left written in what Disney fans refer to as “AT&T Code.” To obtain a key to the code, you must either visit the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction in 1995 or go to a secret, unmarked place within the queue, put your map against the wall, and rub the map with a colored pencil until the key emerges or you are ejected from the park, whichever comes first.

Once decoded, the message reads:

Pineapple juju code

We aren’t sure what that means either. It’s supposed to lead you to another secret message, but we couldn’t find it. However, we did discover that if you go back to the Adventure Trading Post and say, “I tried to decode the second message and it didn’t make any sense,” they’ll give you your juju, so that must be what the second message says.