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Disneyland Tour: Newsstand

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Disneyland Tour: Newsstand

The newsstand on the left of the park entrance, just inside the gates, complements the stroller rental location that is no longer to the entrance’s right. This location is notable because it is the only Disneyland structure that is guest accessible from both within and without the park. Originally the building was entirely behind the park gates, but when the Monorail was built, Imagineers had to choose between moving the gates and bisecting the newsstand or placing the Monorail pylons in the middle of the parking lot, both crating a road hazard and potentially crushing guests’ cars if they didn’t move them before the pylons were airdropped.

At one time, Disneyland offered Package Express service, by which guests who purchased items anywhere in the park could have them sent to the front of the park to be picked up at the Newsstand at the end of the day. This freed guests to enjoy their day without being overburdened by purchases, and had the added bonus of giving Disneyland a large supply of merchandise that was forgotten at the end of the day and therefore could be returned to shop shelves and sold again. Eventually, the work involved in delivering the packages became too much for busy cast members, and the service was modified and renamed Package Convenience (by which guests still could have a package delivered to the newsstand for later pickup, but it had to be delivered by someone in their party or, perhaps, a friendly stranger). But even this was an occasional logistical nightmare, and when guests began depositing their sleeping, exhausted children at the newsstand, overworked cast members were pushed almost to the edge. The final straw came when guests realized that they could just check their cars at the Newsstand instead of trying to find a parking space in the Disneyland lot. This led to the immediate demise of the Newsstand as a place to leave packages, and ruined the fun for everyone, which is why we can’t have nice things.

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