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Mr. Toad’s Wild Film

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

According to recent news reports, Disney is in pre-production on a feature film based on the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride attraction. Details are scant at this time, but a few facts are known:

  • Mr. Toad will be a live-action film with some animated elements, much like Song of the South, Cool World, and other features kids can’t see.
  • In a tribute to the original attraction, many sets and some secondary characters will be painted on plywood.
  • The title character will be played by Steve Buscemi, possibly with Danny DeVito costarring as Mole.
  • This will be Disney’s shortest feature film, with a run time of less than three minutes.
  • Despite the short run time, the film’s script is more than four hundred pages long and consists almost entirely of descriptions of action and sight gags.
  • Disney is currently actively searching for an author to create a novelization based on the attraction, since this is the only Fantasyland attraction that was not (so far as anyone can recall) based on a novel or traditional story.
  • Simultaneous world premiers were scheduled for after-hours events at Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom, but the Florida event was canceled due to its intense popularity.

If the film is a success, it will be part of a string of successful movies based on Disneyland attractions that includes Pirates of the Caribbean, Third Man on the Matterhorn, That Darn Carrousel, and Stop “it’s a small world” — I want to get off.

Vandalizing Mr. Toad

Monday, April 14th, 2008

There is, unfortunately, a long tradition of vandalizing the statue of Mr. Toad inside Disneyland’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Frequent visitors will remember a time when the statue’s right hand was held in front of its face with a haughty gesture of satisfaction at his living arrangements. But after years of guests putting their chewed gum on the hand, it eventually collapsed beneath the weight, leaving poor Mr. Toad a limb shy of a quartet.

Just last week, Toad vandalism reached new heights when a guest released several dozen wild poison dart frogs into the attraction (see the Official DisneyLies Photographer’s official DisneyLies photograph below). Only a few guests were poisoned — hardy any of them fatally — and, more importantly, Disney’s Animal Control Department was able to round up most of the critters before serious damage was done to the attraction.

Mr. Toad vandalism

But the long-term effects of this prank are still to be realized. Apparently, a few survived and now animal-rights groups are petitioning to have Disneyland declared a poison dart toad wetland preserve. Since these are now the only wild frogs of their type in southern California, consensus is that they may win when they have their day in court. Should that come to pass, Disneyland guests may find their activities severely curtailed as the endangered frogs will be given right of way at all times. It is not clear what effect this will have on already-crowded Dumbo and Peter Pan queues.